T1L (left) and T1: lightweight frames and standard frames by comparison
Written by F. Walther

T1L and Y1L: Lightweight Frames Instead of Lightframes

When it comes to partition walls and suspended objects with advertising messages, for many customers double-sided LED lightframes are the real deal. Frames such as TRENDSTAND’s new V92 system. But the illumination effect is not always wanted, nor can it be implemented in every environment. For this reason TRENDSTAND has for years been offering its T1/Y1/G1 profile family: slim double-sided keder profiles that forgo LED. In terms of stability, looks, and handling these profiles for digital prints meet the highest standards. So it is no surprise they are so popular among our clients.

Of course there are also applications where looks and easy assembling do play a big role, while exceptional rigidity is not necessary. Examples are acoustic baffles, ceiling ads, wall inserts, or displays up to a side length of 1.80 m.


Aufsteller T1L-Leichtrahmen mit Digitaldruck. Display T1L light frame with digital print.


Double-sided Lightweight Frames for Digital Prints

Dedicated to these applications TRENDSTAND has another card up its sleeve, or better two: T1L and Y1L. Based on their big siblings T1 and Y1, these profiles for lightweight frames offer plain or grooved outsides, for visible areas or mounting connections. But although the “L” in the profile name stands for “lightweight”, one cannot see from the outside that users have saved on the inside: The outside width of T1L and Y1L is TRENDSTAND’s standard dimension of 52 mm. This way you may mix regular and lightweight frames, and everything matches perfectly even in bigger complexes.

Another advantage of the lightweight frames profiles T1L and Y1L are their excellent bending properties. Curved walls or cylinders can be manufactured in very small radii, to transport your advertising messages in all directions. Also, like all other TRENDSTAND profiles T1L and Y1L can be powder coated, of course. If aluminum gray is not suitable, all RAL colors and several effect coatings like schrumpflack or hammer paint are doable.


T1L (left) and T1: lightweight frames and standard frames by comparison

T1L (left) and T1: lightweight frame and standard frame by comparison


Reduced Price, Same Advice

Of course, lightweight frames profiles have to be chosen with care. Our experts will be happy to advise on the limitations of T1L and Y1L, and when you should choose bigger profiles for your digital prints. After all, it is not only the price that must meet your expectations. The overall result must be right and leave a lasting, positive impression on your customers.

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