V92 + GAMMA-92, für Leuchtkasten im Messebau und Ladenbau, for lightframes in exhibition stand construction and shop fitting
Written by F. Walther

V92—Slim Double-sided LED Lightframes

Bigger is Not Always Better

Our customers have been asking for it for quite a while: extra slim lightframes with the familiar TRENDSTAND quality and stability. A demand that is easily understood. For small signs, light posts, and partitions the traditional massive frames—like our popular T5 with its 180 mm width—are often just too large in terms of looks and costs. Of course, meanwhile there are many aluminum profiles available at the market that sport a width of less than 100 mm. But almost all have one thing in common: They are not much more than structured sheet metal and hardly provide any reasonable bending stiffness. This is where TRENDSTAND comes in with a solution now.


V92 LED Leuchtrahmen Lightframes 1


The Perfect Compromise Between Stiffness and Illumination

After several months of developing and testing TRENDSTAND now produces a new profile for lightframes, utilizing and modifying long-known technological knowledge about reflectors and stiffening gills. The result is a profile which is very rigid thanks to its dimensions of 92 x 32 mm, and which distributes the light of the LED rim-feeding evenly within the lightframes, even in the corners. By the way, V92 lightframes in wall-mounted, single-sided use are a reasonable alternative for area-illuminated frames, too.

Thereby the width of 92 mm was not chosen without reason: It guarantees perfect inclusion in our modular construction system. Especially the flush connection with the popular construction profile GAMMA-92 was crucial in the decision about the final dimensions.



V92 LED Leuchtrahmen Lightframes 3


Flexibility in Every Respect

Of course, V92 LED lightframes are flexible not only because of the small dimensions and the inclusion in the modular construction system. Also, dismounted lightframes with LED rim-feeding can be packaged in rod-shaped packets and easily be transported that way. Or are you uncertain about changing dimensions in future uses? No problem, in case the dimensions of LED lightframes have to be altered, only specific parts have to be replaced or reworked. This way expensive new purchase is most widely avoided.

Still, one of the most important arguments for lightframes with digital prints is and remains the variability of advertising messages. Simply put in a new fabric, and right away your customer approach is up-to-date again.


V92 + GAMMA-92


V92—The Name Says It All

Since the new lightframe profile has a different setup than our established T-shaped profiles T1, T3, and T5, a new nomenclature was needed. The “V” is an obvious result of the shape of the reflectors, while “92” as a designator of the width in millimeters follows the usage of our customers. Many users traditionally refer to keder profiles as “FK” (for “flat keder”) in combination with a statement of the width in millimeters. Therefore, instead of using a cryptic number the new profile’s name now officially states the width in its name.


The Lightframes Revolution Goes On

Of course, further development of LED rim-feeding does not end with the introduction of V92. Ever new variants of angled solutions (see here) are currently being developed, and so are round variants.

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