You are already familiar with trade show construction, shop fitting, and interior design with aluminum profiles? And maybe you also have previous experience with the clever TRENDSTAND systems? Then take a look at our range of parts.

The short overview of our aluminum profiles and accessories below gives you a first impressions of our standard products. In the parts catalogue on the right you find more detailed information on our systems, including exploded drawings, assembly instructions, and design examples. Of course we also offer a print version of this catalogue for your daily work with TRENDSTAND systems.

Aluminum Profiles and More

We are developing new items all the time, and not only aluminum profiles, but also complete products. Unfortunately, we cannot show everything in our print catalogue right away, of course. Therefore, we place high importance on maintaining direct contact also with experienced users.  After all, you want to be sure to really use all options in terms of technology and design.

So, if on our website you do not find a certain item that you need, please do not hesitate to ask us right away. Maybe your topic is currently being developed by us anyway, or we can make it as a special solution.



TRENDSTAND’s construction profiles are conceived as a modular system; this means that important connecting dimensions can be found throughout the product range. This way you can easily assemble and disassemble constructions made from TRENDSTAND systems, you can expand or strip them down, repair or convert them.


For putting up banners and digital prints TRENDSTAND has been developing ever new and clever Keder profiles for years. Especially in the LED field we are constantly searching for innovative solutions. Not only are our profiles technologically sophisticated and extremely stiff, they are also sold with excellent technical advice: We do not make utopian claims, but rather we give you reliable information on possibilities and limits of different solutions.


For profile-specific accessories and general facilities please see our parts catalogue or contact us. Our friendly colleagues will be glad to help you regarding standard accessories, the obtainability of special parts, and the options of unique design.


For our standard designs we offer you according planning aids. If you need individual technical drawings and renderings for your complex designs, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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