Our systems are utterly well-conceived, have been thoroughly tested and offer endless possibilities. Still our most important offer to you—and our biggest aspiration towards ourselves—are our excellent services. All people at TRENDSTAND do their utmost to perfectly fulfill your requirements and wishes with each inquiry anew. Read more on our service topics in the following, and please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to be able to help you!

Technical and Design Advice

We all have been there: With an urgent practical question you call some company, and find yourself talking to secretaries, advertising experts, and accountants. People who are not versed in technology and design matters and have to “check back” or put you through.

With TRENDSTAND this is different. Our sales department has of course great economic expertise. But it completely consists of engineers and technicians: product experts with long experience as designers and developers. This means, from the first second on you can start explaining your problem. Via telephone, via e-mail, or in the course of a visit. Whether with explanations, with technical drawings, with freehand sketches, if necessary with hands and feet:

We understand you and help you on gladly and quickly!

Designing, Planning, and Making to Measure

We take over tasks in any form: explained verbally, by sketch, by technical drawing, by rendering, by CAD draft. Whatever you give us, we concretize it for you and specifically inquire about all information necessary. Following this, we offer you suitable solutions at short notice and advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of different variants. This way your purchase is accompanied by the good feeling of knowing what you let us do.

Of course, the decision process takes a little longer at times. This goes especially when you do not buy for yourself, but within a project for your own customers. TRENDSTAND helps you in these cases as well, providing you with a basis for discussion in the form of calculations, CAD drafts, and graphic visualizations.

In manufacturing, on the other hand, quality and punctuality are our highest law, of course. Which is why we also chose our suppliers with great care and preferably from our region. Whenever possible, we use the advantage that short ways of procurement have in terms of environment, reliability, reaction speed, and quality controls.

We make your wishes and ideas tangible—from draft to implementation!

Repair, Change, Extension

There is one question that we hear in this form or other all the time: “Why must everything you build be of such high quality and modularity? You can’t make any money if everything is so durable, and if everything new always fits in with the old!” But in more than 15 years since the founding of our company it has shown that you CAN be economically successful even if you do not develop your products with planned obsolescence. More and more customers appreciate the longer life and simplified handling of our products. And so it has gotten around that TRENDSTAND profiles are often the deciding bit more stable and valuable.

Of course, though aluminum shows virtually no aging in normal environments, even TRENDSTAND profiles are not indestructible. But we can handle damages and any emerging wishes for alteration or extension without problem anytime. This is because our profiles have a modular concept, and because their discontinuation is restricted to exceptional cases. And if we really cannot restore certain aluminum parts, we recycle them in the best and most environmentally friendly way possible: by melting them down and drawing new profiles.

Other manufacturers may provide a bigger product range. But we offer you quality and reliability for years to come.

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