You have to furnish something and just need realizable ideas in the first place? Or is your projected new purchase already defined in detail, and now you are simply looking for configurable products that implement your concept precisely? No matter how concrete your plans are, we provide you with quick and competent help on details as well as complete solutions, and this for a multitude of applications in interior design and presentation.

Innovative Design With Modular Systems

In the following we give you some examples of our work. If you do not find you topic displayed, please do not hesitate to contact us none the less—all year round we are developing more special solutions than we could ever show here.

Trade Fair Systems

For trade fairs we equip you with individually configurable, modularly extendable system constructions for quick assembly and disassembly, e.g.:

  • head stands, row stands, corner stands, block stands
  • counters
  • brochure holders
  • standees
  • lightframes
  • room-dividers, partitions, folding screens, privacy screens
  • ceiling cubes
  • banners and other digital prints

Property and Shop Fitting Systems

TRENDSTAND offers a variety of individually configurable, modularly extendable profile systems that can be equipped with all kinds of accessories. With these systems you can give an attractive layout to your sales and production areas, so that your customers feel comfortable and your employees are optimally supported in their work:

  • counters
  • tables, desks
  • shelves and sideboards
  • show cases/display cabinets
  • picture frames and digital prints, also backlit
  • room-dividers
  • light panels and lamps
  • partition walls and closed cubicles

Partition Walls and Cubicles for Offices

Great teamwork is essentially important, which is why many companies prefer open space offices. But for some tasks employees need a little quiet: Sound protection for telephone calls, refuges for meetings or customer advice talks, visual covers for the office kitchen, storage spaces for office supplies and cleaning equipment, dust covers for servers, printers, copy machines, etc. For all this TRENDSTAND provides, e.g.:

  • sound protection walls
  • privacy walls
  • room-dividers
  • housings
  • shelving systems
  • tables, desks


TRENDSTAND’s profile systems are perfectly suited for making furniture, too. The special advantage of TRENDSTAND products is that whenever you want you can disassembly and easily transport them, replace damaged parts, or modify or expand it all. For our customers we build these on a regular basis:

  • work benches, work desks
  • coffee tables, occasional tables
  • bar tables, bistro tables
  • cupboards
  • show cases
  • shelves
  • sideboards


TRENDSTAND’s modular partition wall systems are perfectly suited to provide a little privacy in large objects by creating partitions and private rooms:

  • changing cubicles and “shop in shop” in department stores
  • row stands at sales fairs, small exhibitions, recruiting events and flea markets
  • break rooms and cubicle offices for factory workshops
  • smoking areas/smoking rooms in gastronomy
  • room partitioning for refugee accommodations

Graphics Frames and LED Lightframes

If a paper poster is too simple and dot matrix LED wall too elaborate, then digital prints are today’s perfect choice for bringing pictures, advertising messages or important information up on a wall or right in the middle of a room. At TRENDSTAND you get high-quality prints made in Germany, and with them of course the necessary profile frames to effectively stage the great pictures:

  • in two- and three-dimensional layout
  • for one-, two-, or multiple-sided covering
  • without illumination, with front- or back-lighting via plane LED, rim-feeder LED, or conventional lamps
  • as stand-alone product built-in solution
  • for standing on the floor, mounting on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling

Digital Prints

Digital Prints are a unique means of communication and designing rooms, and can easily be changed at any time. But there is one prerequisite: decent quality. Therefore, TRENDSTAND only sells prints of highest quality, made in Germany by printers which have been thoroughly tested by us and are rechecked on a regular basis.

Of course, every print is only as good as the expert checking the print data, and as the frame holding the final product in shape. This is why you should buy print, frame and—if applicable—lighting technology from one source: TRENDSTAND.

We provide the following print products from the following kinds of textiles:

  • backlit fabric
  • blockout fabric
  • double-sided printable fabric
  • fine or coarse structured fabric
  • acoustic fabric

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